At the end of each chapter of Harley Hahn's Guide to Unix and Linux, you will find a set of exercises for the student. There are three types of exercises:

Review Questions

Goal: To test comprehension

All these exercises have definitive answers, taken directly from the text of the chapter. The questions combine small points into larger concepts to help the student review the most important concepts in the chapter.

Applying Your Knowledge

Goal: To build skills

These exercises require the student to apply knowledge and techniques explained in the chapter. All the questions are designed to produce output that can be checked for a correct answer and a correct method.

For Further Thought

Goal: To encourage critical thinking and exploration

The final set of exercises cover abstract ideas that will force the student to think about ambiguous and uncertain concepts. Many of these questions have more than one answer; in some cases, there is no definitive answer. As such, these questions are designed to provoke and encourage discussion in the classroom.

As a teaching aid, I have prepared suggested answers to all the exercises in the book. All of the answers have been tested. The intention is to help you integrate the exercises into your classroom presentations and homework assignments. Use the link below to view all the exercises in the book along with the answers.

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Exercises and answers

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