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Official less home page

less man page

The less FAQ; history of less
Search for "Where did less come from?"

Terminal driver

Input modes
Search for "Input Mode"
Also, see page 621 in the book Unix for Programmers and Users
by Graham Glass.

Cbreak man page

POSIX canonical and noncanonical modes
Search for "Canonical Mode Input Processing"

Using more

Convert ASCII ↔ binary

Convert floating-point ↔ binary

Convert floating point ↔ binary, hex

Convert floating point (single precision) ↔ binary

ASCII table: decimal, octal, hex



36-bit word length

IBM Mainframes

Floating point formats

The official Open Group man page for od; has extra information

CVS log for src/usr.bin/hexdump/hexdump.c
This is one way to trace the evolution of a Unix tool

"Canonical" in the Jargon File

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