Internet Resources for Chapter 22

The vi Editor

vi text editor
  "vi Lovers" resources
  vi FAQ: 2007-12-13
  Unixworld tutorial

Man pages
  Vim reference manual

Learning the vi Editor

Vim text editor
  What is Vim? (short)
  Quick reference guide
  Seven Habits of Effective Text Editing by Bram Moolenaar
  Vim FAQ: 1998-02-09'compatible'
  Compatibility mode

Bill Joy
  History of vi (from Bill Joy)
  Twenty Years of Berkeley Unix
  In the fall of 1975, Thompson spends a year at UCB

ADM3A terminal

Drawing of ADM-3A keyboard (see page 3-2)

Charles Haley

em text editor
  (man page)
  (command summary)

ex text editor
  Reference manual version 1.1 by Bill Joy and Mark Horton
  Bottom of page 2 has acknowledgments listing many people
  Reference manual version 3.7 by Bill Joy and Mark Horton

History of Vim
  Vim came from "stevie"

Swap files, recovery
  Search for "swap file"

Undoing changes


Macros (mapping) (Vim)

.exrc file
  Search for "Setting up .exrc file"

.vimrc file
  What happens when Vim starts

Vim scripting

Bill Joy interview (August 1984, Unix Review)

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