Internet Resources for Chapter 23

Working With Directories

Basic stuff

In the book The Unix Programming Environment, look at pp. 63-65

List of file systems

Linux device list
  Most important devices only

USB flash memory devices

Pseudo terminals
  Search for "**** TERMINAL DEVICES", then read the full discussion

/dev/null, /dev/zero

dd program

/dev/random, /dev/urandom

Named pipes

Pseudo files

Proc files
  Explanation of /proc/meminfo

Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)

Defines the main directories and their contents in Linux and other Unix-like computer operating systems

Plan 9

Mounting a filesystem
  Removable media

Top-level directories

/usr hierarchy

Virtual Filesystem

Linux boot process

Types of filesystems
  Types of file systems
  Search for: "File systems under Unix and Linux systems"

Network filesystems

fstab (filesystems table) Editing fstab

Comparison of File Systems Unixguide

Types of filesystems

  Search for "File Systems"


The following two resources contain useful information that is hard to find:

Linux Partitions

Linux file
  Once you have read this article, you can display the file on a Linux system by using the following two commands. For the first one, substitute the filename that is appropriate for your system:
  less /boot/
  less /proc/kallsyms

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