Internet Resources for Chapter 26

Processes and Job Control


What are processes and threads?

Instructions per second

Process scheduling

System calls (Linux)

Zombie process
Within the online Linux manual, look at
  man 3 exit:

Return value

Return codes (exit codes)

Linux boot process (init, etc) (look for "Process 0")

Linux process creation and the kernel (idle, init, etc)

Job control
  uatf-36.html (Bash)

Suspending a shell (suspend program)

ps program

top program

pstree program

killing processes: (kill program),1697,2114387,00.asp

Signals (list) (page down for the list) You will also find good lists by looking at the man page for signal within the online manual ("man 7 signal" or "man 3 signal"):

killall program

nice, renice programs


The name "daemon"

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