PowerPoint Slides

As a teaching aid, you have access to PowerPoint slides containing all the charts, tables, and drawings in the book. Below, you will find a link for the chapters and appendixes that contain such figures. Specifially, you will find slides for all the chapters except 1, 10 and 18, and for Appendixes G and H.

Chapter 1   Introduction to Unix
Chapter 2   What Is Unix? What is Linux?
Chapter 3   The Unix Connection
Chapter 4   Starting to Use Unix
Chapter 5   GUIs: Graphical User Interfaces
Chapter 6   The Unix Work Environment
Chapter 7   Using the Keyboard With Unix
Chapter 8   Programs the Student Can Use Right Away
Chapter 9   Documentation: Unix Manual, Info System
Chapter 10   Command Syntax
Chapter 11   The Shell
Chapter 12   Using the Shell: Variables and Options
Chapter 13   Using the Shell: Commands and Customization
Chapter 14   Using the Shell: Initialization Files
Chapter 15   Standard I/O, Redirection, Pipes
Chapter 16   Filters: Introduction and Basic Operations
Chapter 17   Filters: Comparing and Extracting
Chapter 18   Filters: Counting and Formatting
Chapter 19   Filters: Selecting, Sorting, Combining, and Changing
Chapter 20   Regular Expressions
Chapter 21   Displaying Files
Chapter 22   The vi Text Editor
Chapter 23   The Unix Filesystem
Chapter 24   Working With Directories
Chapter 25   Working With Files
Chapter 26   Processes and Job Control
Appendix F   Time Zones and 24-Hour Time
Appendix G   Shell Options and Shell Variables

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